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Fixing iPhone 6S Plus backlight repair with jumper wire

iPhone 6S Plus backlight repair

iPhone 6S plus backlight repair

Another day another boards. Lately getting a lot of iPhone backlight repairs.  No backlight means iPhone still works and displays very faintly picture. On 6 Plus and 6S Plus sometime you have “half backlight”. You will a shadow in one of top corners of the screen.

6S Plus backlight
iPhone 6S Plus backlight repair


Backlight often burns out when replacing the screen. Even with iPhone turned off, there is battery voltage going straight to LCD connector. That’s why you always want to unplug the battery before doing anything else.  When unplugging the lcd, if it crosses the pins from backlight to ground you are creating a short that immediately kills filter.

There are also random backlight failures. Burned filter, bad booster chip, short on capacitor, bad diodes. When the filter burns out often it burns the pad that it sits on. At that point it’s necessary to run a jumper wire from another component that has the signal for backlight fuse. This is a delicate operation and a good repair to show microsoldering skills.

iPhone 6S plus backlight repair with jumper
iPhone 6S plus backlight repair with jumper wire


Here is one of the videos I made showing backlight repair:

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iPhone 6 Plus Backlight repair video

iPhone 6 Plus backlight repair

I just made new video showing the process of iPhone 6 Plus backlight repair. This iPhone was shipped from one of south Florida shops. Initially it came with no backlight at all. After checking the voltages on the connector I determined that potentially one of backligh boosters is out.  Still, I was slightly confused why the I’m not getting half backlight since one line was showing 20v. I’ve replaced the booster and still had no backlight. At the end I had to replace both filters as well. iPhone was fully functioning. Check out the video of that particular repair:

If you have issues with your backlight print the shipping form and ship the phone for fast backlight repair.

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Your iphone backlight needs everything

iPhone backlight repair scene

Sir, Your iPhone 6 backlight needs everything 🙂

Another week, another dollar!

I’m use to repairing iPhone backlight. It’s usually not to hard to figure it out.  Today, I had a neat one.

First, I checked the filters. All of them were good with no shorted capacitors on the line. Darn..

Have to pop the hood, by unsodlering of the metal shield that covers the goods.  I see the usual, burned diode. After searching and replacing burned capacitor I solder new diode.

Plugging the battery. Diodie doesn’t burn and the phone turns on, but not the backlight 🙁

Here we go, I need to replace the backlight chip that’s dipped in glue next to the processor.  Long story short I replaced the chip, Coil, diode, 2 capacitors and a filter that somehow burned.

So yea, that was fun. When you see that Apple brightly booting in front of you, You smile like you just saw million dollars. CASH

iPhone backlight repair scene

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