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Your iphone backlight needs everything

iPhone backlight repair scene

Sir, Your iPhone 6 backlight needs everything 🙂

Another week, another dollar!

I’m use to repairing iPhone backlight. It’s usually not to hard to figure it out.  Today, I had a neat one.

First, I checked the filters. All of them were good with no shorted capacitors on the line. Darn..

Have to pop the hood, by unsodlering of the metal shield that covers the goods.  I see the usual, burned diode. After searching and replacing burned capacitor I solder new diode.

Plugging the battery. Diodie doesn’t burn and the phone turns on, but not the backlight 🙁

Here we go, I need to replace the backlight chip that’s dipped in glue next to the processor.  Long story short I replaced the chip, Coil, diode, 2 capacitors and a filter that somehow burned.

So yea, that was fun. When you see that Apple brightly booting in front of you, You smile like you just saw million dollars. CASH

iPhone backlight repair scene

If you need backlight repair, go HERE to pick the device you have and search for backlight repair.