iPhone 7 Plus Logic Board repair

iPhone 7 Plus Logic Board Repair. All prices include return USPS shipping within USA. If You have any questions, please ask.

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  • iPhone 7 Plus Data Recovery

    iPhone 7 Plus data recovery


    iPhone 7 Plus data recovery.

    Did you iPhone get liquid damaged and now doesn’t turn on? Or maybe your iPhone has no power for other reasons?

    iFixLogicBoards performs data recovery service.

    My objective is to get your board repaired to the point where it can be backed up via iTunes or iCloud. If your phone got wet, the sooner it gets here, the better chances of recovering data. The moment liquid gets inside it starts oxidation and rusting process, which can make data permanently unrecoverable.

    iFixLogicBoards inspects the logic board upon arrival. I clean the board of corrosion, minerals and oxidation. Then we inspect for shorts to ground on vital power lines and start working our way up until your iPhone turns on again.

    Do not buy data recovery software. That’s a scam. If hardware of you iPhone is physically damaged, no software will recover your data. Most liquid damaged motherboards need microsoldering rework to get them to turn on. That’s why you got iFixLogicBoards.

    This service can take some time. Expect few days to see what results I get.

  • iphone 7 stuck on apple logo screen

    iPhone 7/7 Plus Stuck on Apple logo screen.


    iPhone 7/7 Plus Stuck on apple logo screen.

    This repair is for iPhone 7/7 Plus that gets stuck on apple logo. When plugged to computer, iTunes detects the phone. Update or Restore doesn’t help.
    If you get an error when restoring, contact me with error number first.

Showing all 2 results