iPhone 6S Logic Board Repair

iPhone 6S repair logic board repair services. All prices include USPS return shipping within USA. If You have any questions, please ask.

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  • iPhone 6S Backlight repair

    iPhone 6S Backlight Repair


    iPhone 6S backlight repair

    Does your iPhone 6S  have very dim screen? You can see the picture but just barely. Or maybe half of your screen is dim.

    If you have any of these issues that means you need backlight repair.

    There are multiple reasons you have no backlight:

    • Just your luck. Once one of multiple parts involved in the circuit fails. It does often create a domino effect. One part fails, few others follow.
    • unplugging the LCD connector from the logic board while LCD is powered on.
    • while replacing the screen with aftermarket assembly that has backlight connector exposed, shorting the circuit when closed.

    Here is a video I made of the repair:

    iFixLogicBoard will repair your backlight circuit and ship it back to you. USPS return shipping included in price of repair.

  • iPhone 6S Data Recovery

    iPhone 6S data recovery


    iPhone 6S data recovery.

    Did you iPhone get liquid damaged and now doesn’t turn on? Or maybe your iPhone has no power for other reasons?

    iFixLogicBoards performs data recovery service.

    My objective is to get your board repaired to the point where it can be backed up via iTunes or iCloud. If your phone got wet, the sooner it gets here, the better chances of recovering data. The moment liquid gets inside it starts oxidation and rusting process, which can make data permanently unrecoverable.

    iFixLogicBoards inspects the logic board upon arrival. I clean the board of corrosion, minerals and oxidation. Then we inspect for shorts to ground on vital power lines and start working our way up until your iPhone turns on again.

    Do not buy data recovery software. That’s a scam. If hardware of you iPhone is physically damaged, no software will recover your data. Most liquid damaged motherboards need microsoldering rework to get them to turn on. That’s why you got iFixLogicBoards.

    This service can take some time. Expect few days to see what results I get.

  • iPhone 6S FPC Connector repair

    iPhone 6S FPC Connector repair


    iPhone 6S FPC connector repair

    Is one of the connectors broken:

    • LCD/digitizer connector
    • front camera/proximity sensor connector
    • touch id/home button connector
    • charging port connector
    • all other connectors and wifi/gsm antenna connectors

    iFixLogicBoards will replace damaged connector with high precision microsoldering. If you have damaged pads there will be extra cost.

    Ship your iPhone for fast service. Typical turn around 1-2 days.

  • iPhone 6S no image repair

    iPhone 6S No Image


    iPhone 6S no image repair.

    Does your iPhone 6S  seems to be working, making all the noises, vibrate but doesn’t display any image?

    There are multiple reasons you have No Image:

    • Just your luck. One of multiple parts involved in the circuit fails.
    • unplugging the LCD connector from the logic board while LCD is powered on.
    • Plugged the wrong screen or front camera flex cable to LCD connector
    • Your AP_TO_LCM_RESET is shorted. In this case this is just a data recovery option ($150).

    Here is one of solutions for No image 6s:

    iFixLogicBoard will repair your iPhone 6S  No image and ship it back to you. USPS return shipping included in price of repair.

  • iPhone 6S Not Charging repair

    iPhone 6S Not Charging


    iPhone 6S Not charging/U2 repair.

    If you have one of following issues, this repair is for you:
    – Not charging, not recognizing connected cable, “fake charging” where it will show connected cable but wont charge
    – Fast draining battery, even with brand new one
    – This accessory is not compatible message pop up
    – iPhone booting up automatically when connecting the battery

    This issue often happen from using non-original chargers. Especially car chargers tend to damage this IC the most. After the repair be sure to use genuine Apple charger.

    Typical turn around 1-2 business days.

    If you are a shop, ship just the logic board.

  • iPhone 6 Dead Board Repair

    iPhone 6S Return shipping USA


    iPhone 6S Dead board repair

    iPhone 6S Dead board repair service.

    Is your iPhone dead? Not reacting to charger or even new battery?

    This service is exactly what you need! This does not include liquid damaged boards!

    If you changed the battery and still getting no power send it for repairs. Dead board can be caused by literally anything, that’s why I cant put a set price for repair.

    The price here is for return shipping in case I cant fix it. If I can get your iPhone to turn on the price will be between $100-$145 depending on the amount of work. If the repair is successful the purchase prices will be credited to whole repair.

    If you have iPhone 6S that is dead from liquid damage and want data from the iPhone check this Data Recovery service http://ifixlogicboards.com/products/iphone-6-data-recovery/

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