iPhone 6 Plus logic board repair

iPhone 6 Plus logic board repair service.

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  • iPhone 6 plus Backlight

    iPhone 6 Plus Backlight repair


    iPhone 6 Plus backlight repair (when the screen is dim, and cant turn on the brightness).

    On iPhone 6 Plus you can also notice the half of the screen is dim.
    iPhone 6 Plus backlight circuit consist of multiple different components.

    Backlight can go out from failure capacitor or booster, creating short to ground and burning the circuit. Often backlight circuit gets damaged during screen replacement when battery is plug in.

    iPhone 6 Plus backlight circuit has 2 separate circuits, so sometimes you can get “half backlight”.

    This is a mail in service. Typical turn around 2 business days. Here is video I made showing backlight repair:

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact iFixLogicBoards. We know that this days living without a phone is hard and want to make repair service as smooth as possible!

  • iPhone 6 Plus Data Recovery

    iPhone 6 Plus data recovery


    iPhone 6 Plus data recovery.

    Have you drooped your device in liquid and “killed” the phone. Dont have the back of those precious pictures, contacts and more?

    This Data Recovery service is aimed to get your iPhone no power on and connect to computer to get your data off.

    iFixLogicBoards inspects the logic board upon arrival. We clean the board of the corrosion, minerals and oxidation. Then we inspect for shorts to ground on vital power lines and start working our way up and to whats in our power to get your iPhone to turn on again.

    This service can take some time. Expect minimum 1 week to see what results we get.

  • iPhone 6 Plus dead board repair

    iPhone 6 Plus Dead Board repair


    iPhone 6 Plus Dead board repair

    iPhone 6 Plus Dead board repair service.

    Is your iPhone dead? Not reacting to charger or even new battery?

    This service is exactly what you need! This does not include liquid damaged boards!

    If you changed the battery and still getting no power send it for repairs. Dead board can be caused by literally anything, that’s why I cant put a set price for repair.

    The price here is for return shipping in case I cant fix it. If I can get your iPhone to turn on the price will be between $100-$145 depending on the amount of work. If the repair is successful the purchase prices will be credited to whole repair.

    If you have iPhone 6 Plus that is dead from liquid damage and want data from the iPhone check this Data Recovery service http://ifixlogicboards.com/products/iphone-6-plus-data-recovery/

  • iPhone 6 error 4013 repair

    iPhone 6 Plus Error 4013 repair


    iPhone 6 4013 error


    If you are getting 4013 error while restoring this repair might be for you. $99.99 is the rpice for removing your memory, formatting and reflashing with serial number. In some cases I might need to replace your memory. That will be additional charge.

    Price for memory will very depending availability. This is a good time for upgrade if you would like bigger memory.

  • iPhone 6 U2 repair

    iPhone 6 Plus Not charging, U2 IC repair


    iPhone 6 Plus U2 IC repair.

    If you have one of following issues, this repair is for you:
    – Not charging, not recognizing connected cable, “fake charging” where it will show connected cable to wont charge
    – Fast draining battery, even with brand new one
    – This accessory is not compatible message
    – iPhone booting up automatically when connecting the battery

    This issue often happen from using non-original chargers. Car chargers tend to damage this IC the most.

    Typical turn around 1-2 business days.

  • iPhone 6 Plus Shield

    iPhone 6 Plus Shield for Touch IC


    iPhone 6 Plus Shield for Touch IC repair.

    This custom laser cut steel shields and design to perfectly fit 6 Plus and 6 metal bracket. This are super stiff shields that will prevent the logic board from flexing.

    Before install, put some electric tape on the logic board cut out. Cover all component to prevent from touching the shield and shorting out.

    Solder down the proof shield after Touch IC repair. Thick soldering tip is helpful.  It requires some practice to solder right.

    Even after replacing Touch IC for 6 Plus the issue often comes back after few weeks. This shield fixes some of design issues with 6 plus. Dramatically reduces flexing of the logic board and protects joints under the chips. I personally use them on all touch ic repairs and rarely get a warranty return.

    It can also be used as prevention solution.

    6pac + Free First class shipping!

  • iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC repair

    iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC repair service

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    iPhone 6 Plus touch ic repair.

    iPhone 6 Plus touch ic repair is the most popular!

    This repair service is for you if you have:

    • unresponsive touch
    • flickering grey bar at the top

    This service included repair of Meson touch IC on the logic board.

    The reason touch disease happens is because of poor connection of touch controller and the board. Touch IC will be removed, cleaned and reballed with Leaded solder. Fresh leaded solder is more flexible, great for iPhone 6 plus that likes to bend. The secret sauce is a M1 jumper. It’s a tiny wire that connect M1 pad on the board to another component.  Apple seems to have a design flaw causing the one point to loose contact with the rest of board. Hence you get flickering bar at the top.

    This is a mail in or drop of service. Typical turn around 2 days

    Here is short 1 min timelpase showing the process of touch ic repair


    Shops that mail-in logic boards. Make sure you are installing repaired board in straight housing. Bent frames will cause the issue to come back!


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