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6S grey wifi?

iPhone 6S grey wifi

6S Grey Wifi Story.

Yesterday was a interesting day. I had 1x iPhone 6 Plus with touch ic issue, of course.  I also had 3 6S, 5S and iPad air repairs.  Most of them successful … booooooring.

One iPhone 6S Grey Wifi was interesting. Customer said that he just bought it and has No WiFi. He restored iPhone to newest iOS 10.0.2.

I noticed the MAC address was missing in “About” page, which means WiFi Chip failure. Next thing is disassembly and getting the board out.

When I flipped the board I noticed a black electric tape on the spot of the wifi chip. I peal it off and what do I see?!                     WiFi CHIP MISSING.

Some one cut me to it! Unfortunately in a very bad way. Whoever removed the chip ripped the pads from logic boards surface. I could potentially try to run 10 jumpers, but that’s a lot of work and luckily customer didn’t want that kind of repair.

6S Grey WiFi 2


Sad 6S grey wifi story. If you are in need of any iPhone logic board repair check my services or ask for a quote .


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