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iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC disease madness

iPhone 6 Plus touch ic disease

You probably heard about it. iPhone 6 Plus touch ic disease. Bad manufacturing decisions causing iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to have touch issues and/or flickering grey bar at the top.

If you are experiencing this issue, try to slightly twist the phone vertically. This may help you to temporarily restore touch. This way it let you put passcode and backup your data. If you are lucky…

You may also notice grey flickering bar at the top of the screen when twisting. Typically, that’s when there isn’t much hope for “twist to recover” method. Your iPhone 6 Plus touch ic needs repair.

Replacing the touch ic’s … yes the’re 2 off them! Mason and Cumulus. These two bastards have cracking joints, solder joints that is.

You see, iPhone 6 Plus is a relatively long and thin phone prone to bending. Remember bendgate 2 years ago? This issue was never fixed. Besides, everybody forgot about it 2 months later. 6S model got stronger aluminum 7000 (instead of 6000 on 6 Plus). Additional small modifications to the housing of 6S, made the iPhone much stiffer and harder to bent.

In addition the bendy 6 plus housing, the logic board has no metal shield over touch ic. This metal brace adds stiffness to the logic board. Instead, Apple put a sticker.

Unfortunately, even after the repair of touch ic, the issue can come back. After all, I’m fixing the damage, not the cause. Until now! Thanks to Jessa Jones from iPad Rehab, that came up with a neat idea.

Get unused metal shield from iPad mini and cut it to iPhone 6 Plus size. Then get that metal shield welded to the logic board bracket with solder. This additional structure stiffens the logic board and appears to help with “securing” the chips under the shield.

Shields are being put on all iPhone 6 Plus touch ic repairs.

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Shield

iPhone 6 Plus touch ic shield 2

Now, cutting these shields is somewhat a pain in the …. . It would be so much faster and nicer to have precision cut shields ready to solder. And that’s what I decided to make! I made some measurements, made a drawing and researched manufacturers.

I’m happy to announce that soon I will get first test production batch.  These shields will be also available for other repair shops to stiffen the logic board.

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