My name is Rafal. I've been repairing Apple products since 2009 and opened a repair shop in 2010. The shop became a brand name in the area for quality repairs. Those were days when business could be sustained with basic repair services like replacing cracked screens, bad batteries or buttons.

One of common issues that could not be fixed easily is water damaged phones. With all kinds of issues after liquid spilling into phone, logic board repairs are not common at a typical smartphone repair shop. Ability to repair this most expensive peace of hardware from the phone is a major advantage.

It doesn't matter if you are a customer that just has a issues with their iPhone or a shop that doesn't have the capability to make this kind of repair. With the experience of repairing hundreds of boards for recycling and refurbishing companies, I offer a mail-in logic board repair service with relatively fast turn around.

Find the repair in the store for upfront pricing of common issues. If your issue is not listed, contact me for a quote.


iPhone 6 PMIC repair